The heat for the coolest developers !

Event Themes

Education with smartness
Build hacks focused on creating solutions for accessibility in education and help with distance learning.
Health is Wealth
Build hacks focusing on improving the current healthcare system, or work on building a new solution to an existing problem.
The Urban Infra
From Cyber Security to Traffic management. Build an infrastructure hack that helps common people to simplify their lives and/or help to efficiently manage the infrastructural resources.
Minimize The Distance
This theme focuses on building new age smart solutions for solving social problems. Build something that targets a large section of the society and creates a positive impact.
Back To The Roots
Build an agricultural hack that can help with the current crop growth rate, help in managing them, or something out of your own mind to help with the agricultural processes.
The FINeTech
A hack that helps with the current financial domain. Solve the problem of the people and help them to give easy access to borrowers ,lenders ,investment.

Event Timeline

Registration Begins

Application open for team registration and submission of ideas. Go through the criteria for the same.

Registration Ends

Make sure to fill the form by 18th November, 12:00 PM. The teams will receive their acceptance mail by the next day of their registration.

Hackathon Starts

The most awaited hackathon starts with formal opening ceremony and release of themes. The hacking phase starts at 5pm. You will get round the clock support of the mentors from GDSC IIIT Surat.

Hackathon Ends

The hacking phase comes to an end exactly after 36 hours on 20th November, 5 AM.Put your solution into action.

Menotring and judging Round

All Teams will present their solution to the mentors, and the best teams will be shortlisted for the demo round. The Top teams will showcase their solution to the judge panel. This will be followed by declaration of results, and vote of Thanks.


2nd Prize

₹ 2,000

1st Prize

₹ 3,000

3rd Prize

₹ 1,000

Meet the Judges

Aditya Mangal

Research Engineer at Eigenlytics Data Solutions

Ekta Arora

COO and Co-founder of KasperTech
Lead, GDSC IIIT Surat - 2020-21

Nikhil Vyas

Founder & CEO at Vysion Technology
Managing director at Vysion Greenbots Pvt. Ltd.

Raj Parekh

Software Engineer at JP morgan

Team behind DevHeat

Sparsh Jhariya
Avanish Singh
Bharat Sharma
Dhruv Panchal
Naitik Patil
Prakhar Ojha
Prasang Maheshwari
Sachet Vijay
Zaid Bhimala
Dhyey Savaliya
Sneha Shah

Instructions DevHeat 2022

  1. The number of students in a team can be 2 ,3 or 4.
  2. Members of a team have to be from the same institute. Cross College Teams are not allowed.
  3. All teams from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Surat will participate in offline mode, and the teams from other colleges will participate in online mode.
  4. Teams participating from other colleges can participate in online mode, and have to interact with organizers via discord.
  5. Teams Participating in online mode have to submit a 3 minute video demo of their solution.
  6. Teams Participating in offline mode have to present their solution to the mentors at the campus to qualify for the judging round.
  7. There is no restriction on branches of the students.
  8. Students from non-engineering backgrounds can also participate.
  9. At least 2 members of the team should have a GitHub account.
  10. One, and only one member needs to submit the registration form, a copy of response is sent to the team member who has filled the registration form.
  11. Changes are allowed only in exceptional circumstances, if you have to make any change to your registration, send an email to
  12. The rights to decide the winners remain with GDSC IIIT Surat. The results once declared will be final and binding on all the participants.
  13. Presence of at least one member from all the teams who have submitted a solution is compulsory on November 20th, 2022.
  14. The DevHeat Discord Server will be the primary point of interaction for the participants and organizers, during the hacking phase of the hackathon.


A single person cannot participate in DevHeat. You need to be a part of a team to participate. A team can consist of either 2, 3 or 4 members. All of the members should be from the same college.

DevHeat 2022 is open for all colleges, students from all around the world can participate in this hackathon.

DevHeat 2022 is in offline mode for students of Indian Institute Of Information Technology, Surat residing in the hostel, and it is in online mode for all other students.

A team should submit their registration by November 18, 2022. A team will be rejected to participate only if they do not satisfy the requirements.

A confirmation email will be sent to all the participants by 12 Noon of next day. In case you don't receive an email by 6 PM of the next day, feel free to reach out via / call.

The prize amount will be transferred to their bank accounts, via electronic transfer(NEFT/RTGS/IMPS). There will not be any UPI transfer/cash disbursement. It is the responsibility of the Team Lead to distribute the prize among the team members.

  • The prize amount will be refactored in ratio 3:2:1 for first, second and third positions, with a total pool of INR 6k, with a round off to the closest multiple of 100, or there can be a minor increment in the prize amount.

  • In normal cases, no one is allowed to make any changes to the team. However, in case of extraordinary circumstances like complete internet cutoff in a region, teams can request for a change by sending an email to For urgent changes, call on the numbers provided on the DevHeat website.
  • The change of team member is also allowed if one of the members falls ill, and is hospitalized.

There is no on-spot registration facility available. A sufficient time window has been provided to the participants to register for the event. In case you have received the event information for the first time on a datetime later than the deadline, you can contact the email/mobile numbers provided on the DevHeat website

There is no advantage based on the institute of a team. The judging panel consists of a panel, from different premier institutes. The decision on the spots has to be taken in accordance with the average of marks given by all the judges.